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Our six-month Health Evangelism course is designed to give individuals an understanding of God’s methods in the care of the sick, while at the same time preparing them to share the truths of the gospel. Students are given instruction in preventive healthcare, natural remedies, Bible, Spirit of Prophecy, and other aspects of God’s healing way. This course lays a solid foundation in health evangelism – a work which is needed for effective labor in the Lord’s vineyard.  See our curriculum for more details.

Certificates – Upon satisfactory completion of the online course and having fully met the financial obligations, the student is awarded the following certificates.

  1. Health Evangelism
  2. Hydrotherapy (must successfully complete the one week intensive course)
  3. Massage (must successfully complete the one week intensive course)

Finances – we offer multiple payment options. (international discounts may apply)

Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) page as it answers many of the most common questions.

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