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Application deadline: May 25, 2020

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Before applying, make sure you have:


A profile picture (JPEG)





Scanned passport in color (Valid until 2022)





Curriculum Vitae (CV) - What is a CV?



The process after applying:

1. Pay the application fee (250 NOK) - To pay via our online shop, use this link

2. Make sure three reference forms are submitted (preferably directly from) a Pastor, Elder and a suitable other (not family).

3. Have a Skype interview (invitation will be sent on e-mail by school)

4. Receive an answer if you are offered a place as a student (No later than May 31)

5. Confirm that you accept the place as a student for the coming school year

6. Pay the student fund fee, 39.000 NOK, by July 1 of the applicable school year.

Bank details:

- Account number: 1020.07.09654
- IBAN: NO16 1020 2142 368


- Bank: Eidsberg Sparebank, Storgata 2, 1850 Mysen, Norway

Additional information


School start: August 16, 2020

School end: July 11, 2021

Student target group
Age: 18 - 26
We can only accept applications from students in EU / EEA countries.
Amount: We generally take 12 first year students
Gender: We try to keep a balance between male and female students


The Matteson program is to a great extent sponsored by people who recognize its value and donate to the Granheim Foundation, which, in turn, sponsors the students.


Due to the expensive country we are situated in, the program costs about 100.000 NOK (approx. 10'000 Euros) per student. Rather than asking for school fees of this amount, we request the students’ full attention, their time and talents, and a determination to complete the program.


Full time students who complete the school year are supported by the Granheim Foundation with a scholarship of 61.000 NOK (approx. 6'100 Euros). By sponsoring tuition, room and board in Norway, we want to set an example for young people to give, as Jesus freely gave us salvation.


The students are asked to contribute with 39.000 NOK (approx. 3.900 Euros) to the Matteson student fund. This covers expenses related to the mission internship, mission trips, travels, events, accessories and also contributes to the alumni support fund. If personal funds are not sufficient, we recommend applicants to ask their family, home church, friends or others for support. The foundation does not wish lack of money to be a primary reason why potential students are prevented from applying for a valuable education; therefore, if applicants see that they will not be able to raise the full amount, they are asked to indicate this in their application.


Read more about the vision of the Granheim Foundation here.