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(Payment Options)

Payment Options
1. Pay the $1900 up front.
2. Pay $1000 up front and $1000 within 30 days of the initial payment.
3. Pay $700 up front, $700 within 30 days of the inital payment, and $700 within 30 days of the second payment.
4. Pay $500 up front and $200 a month for the next 10 months.

Initial Setup and Continuation Fee
A fee of $65 is required to setup an account on the new online school system.  This fee is good for 1 year.  If the course has not been completed in 1 year, a fee of $100 would charged to continue for a second year.  2 years is the maximum amount of time given to students to complete the online course.

One week intensive: see F.A.Q.

Refund Policy
A refund is only available for those who pay the $1900 up front. A refund of $950 will be given if withdrawal is within 30 days of registration. No refund will be given after 30 days of registration.

* Registration means at the time of payment.

Textbooks for the entire course cost about $370 and are available from the online school office or Wildwood book store. Some of the syllabi and other material are available online but may also be purchased in printed form from the online office +1 (706) 820-1493 ext. 1016, or bookstore (except mp3 CD’s) ext. 1102.