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granheim foundation

Matteson Mission School is owned and operated by the Granheim Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation ( 960 801 105). The foundation is committed to providing facilities, whether by owning or renting, to Matteson Mission School or other projects that follow the guidelines given on education in the Bible and the books of Ellen White.



As classrooms connected to the school the Granheim Foundation also operates some services for the local community:


A vegetarian catering service that upon ordering brings healthy, tasty meals into people’s homes for special occasions as well as the everyday.


A composting plant with reception of branches from private gardens in the community. Over the years the foundation has developed an organic compost of high quality that is available for sale.


According to the school program, each Matteson student invests 10 hours work per week for the Granheim Foundation as part of their compensation for their stay at the school.


Granheim Foundation is a member of Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI) and Outpost Centers International (OCI).