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(Course Description)

Course Description

Our six-month Health Evangelism course is designed to give individuals an understanding of God’s methods in the care of the sick, while at the same time preparing them to share the truths of the gospel. Students are given instruction in preventive healthcare, natural remedies, Bible, Spirit of Prophecy, and other aspects of God’s healing way. This course lays a solid foundation in health evangelism – a work which is needed for effective labor in the Lord’s vineyard.


Health Talks:

How to prepare brief health talks, and present them in a way that will be interesting and informative to the public. Each student will give two short talks with visuals.

Massage and Anatomy:

A practical class in the ancient art of therapeutic massage and its healthful effect on the body. Includes instruction in muscular and skeletal anatomy. Students will receive a certificate for Swedish Massage.


A physiological and practical approach to the understanding and use of simple water treatments that will prevent and treat disease.


Deals with deficiencies that may be found in a vegetarian diet and how these can be substituted with various foods. Includes a study of nutrients and how they are utilized in the body (vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc.). When to use supplements, and how to achieve a good, nutritionally balanced diet.

Vegetarian Cooking:

Explores food combining, menu planning, vegetarian cooking, and the presentation of these to the public.

Lifestyle Physiology:

An overview of the various systems of the body — how they work, what hinders them, and what increases their health and efficiency. The aim is to give each student an appreciation for the creative power and wisdom of God and a basic working knowledge of the human body.

Common Diseases:

An overview of different diseases prevalent in society today — their causes, cures, and prevention. Diseases covered include AIDS, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, circulatory disorders, arthritis, gastritis, and cancer.


An insight into the use of natural herbs as preventatives and cures for various ailments from the common cold to serious disorders. Cultivation, preservation, and preparation of herbs is also examined.

Health Evangelism:

Learn the role of the health message as a productive entering wedge for public and personal evangelism, endeavoring to pattern after Christ’s method of reaching souls. Practicum includes helping in several health expos.

Mental Health:

A Christian perspective of psychology and the health mechanism of the mind. Learn effective interpersonal communication and how to resolve conflicts. Emphasis is on forgiveness, depression, and disorders resulting from malfunction of the brain.

Mission Medicine:

Theory and lab on basic patient care for the home setting or mission field. Learn to take vital signs, how to handle emergency situations, basic suture, injections, IV set up, and wound care.

God’s Healing Program:

This class surveys Heaven’s original program, how sin corrupted it, and how to get it back on track. Distinguishing between true and false remedies from both revelation and science is also included.

Ministry of Healing:

Study the life of the great Physician as He mingled among men. Learn His methods of soul-winning as recorded in that beautiful masterpiece by Ellen White, The Ministry of Healing. Through a textual study of this book learn to use the right arm of the gospel to reach all classes of people.


An activity class in which students gain experience under the guidance of experienced farmers. Learn how to plant, nurture, cultivate, and harvest various common plants.

Prophetic Guidance:

An investigation of the role of the gift of prophecy as culminated in the life and ministry of Ellen G. White. Emphasis is given on her role in the development of the Seventh-day Adventist church and the miracles that testify to her work.

Christian Living:

This class uses the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy to reveal God’s plan for a happy growing walk with Him and exposes the devices that Satan uses to weaken God’s people especially in these last days. Practical topics for study and discussion include: the prayer life, how to know God’s will, recreation, social life, music & worship, diet, dress, and stewardship.

True Education:

Discuss God’s plan of education, see its preservation throughout history and contrast it with the world’s system of education. Discover the dynamic relationship of education and redemption, while illustrating means by which Christian principles may pervade every facet of education.

Principles of Self-Supporting Work:

Catch the vision of Paul as an example of what laymen can accomplish for the gospel while working to support themselves financially. Study contemporary examples of this model in action.

Christian Home:

A thorough discussion of the principled guidelines as revealed in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy regarding steps toward courtship, marriage, and a happy home.

Plan of Salvation:

This course is designed to develop the true principles of Christ in the life of the students and prepare them to lead others to the Kingdom through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.


A verse by verse study of the prophetic book of Daniel. Stories from this book are portrayed with prophetic significance and personal application in preparation for the second coming of our Lord. The prophecies of Daniel are closely examined to see their fulfillment in history, helping us understand the origin and purpose of the Seventh-day Adventist church and preparing us for coming events and the final deliverance of God’s people.

Coming Events:

This class explores the Bible prophecies that relate to current and soon coming events, drawing out lessons that help us to be ready for these last days. Emphasis is given to the three angels’ messages, the Sunday law, the shaking, the miracles of Satan, the loud cry and latter rain and the final deliverance of God’s people.

Sanctuary Studies:

The importance and uniqueness of the sanctuary message to the Seventh-day Adventist church. Includes study of the role of Christ in the Sanctuary and how it applies to the Christian life today.

Science of Soul Winning:

Learn to awaken spiritual interest and effectively communicate biblical truth using Jesus’ method of finding the way to the heart. Special emphasis is given to friendship evangelism, sharing your personal testimony, literature distribution, door-to-door surveys and canvasses, community programs, health evangelism, Internet websites, and Bible studies. Study the fascinating principles of soul-winning, the process of conviction, and the art of leading people to decision. These skills are applied in the local communities.

Bible Studies:

This class will prepare you for sharing God’s word with a dying planet. You will learn how to prepare for and give powerful Bible studies that will move people to decision. You will also learn how to deal with the common biblical questions people have in a clear and meaningful way.

Bible Doctrines:

Explore the major doctrines of the Bible in the light that streams from the cross of Calvary. Also learn how to effectively memorize scripture so that you can be ‘ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear’.

Christian Administration:

In contrast to the world’s popular methods of management and administration, this class seeks to instill principles of Christian leadership following heaven’s form of government.

Seventh-day Adventist History:

A historical survey of the early Advent Movement, the establishment of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and the key events that have marked this church’s history since that time.