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Talking with the experts

002 - Talking with the experts




I hope you have had a good week!


And me? Well, this week has been good. It’s had its challenges, like always. One challenge was trying to master a good cross-country ski technique.


I quickly found out that I’m not an expert.


You see, I’m from England, and, in England, we don’t do all this ‘wintery outdoor’ stuff. But wait, before you read your next email, I actually found two “experts” who know what this ‘wintery outdoor’ stuff is all about! And so, to whet your appetite and give you some tips for the soon coming Easter Rally, I decided to ask them a few questions. (They even have a challenge for you if you read the last question.)


Oh, before we start, one more thing. Talking of challenges, I said that there would be a surprise this week. You can see it at the bottom too! Enjoy!


Meet Kristoffer Myklebust (KM) and Richard Havstein (RH); Norway’s very own ‘wintery outdoor stuff’ specialists.


Adam: So, Kristoffer and Richard, question one. How long have you been doing winter activities in Norway?


KM: I never actively involved myself “winter sports” per se, but I have always loved the winter and the activities that come with the snow.


RH: My whole life; 24 years.


Adam: Nice! Now Easter Rally will be held in Lillehammer. Is this really a good place to do outdoor winter activities? If so, why?


KM: Yes, Lillehammer is a great place for outdoor winter activities. In Lillehammer, there is something for all, whether you prefer downhill, ski-jump, cross-country or other outdoors activities. Lillehammer is particularly known for a great network of tracks for cross-country and, if you like the mountains, they also are within reach.


RH: Yes, very nice, because you have such short distance to the ski tracks and down hill slopes.


Adam: Nice! I’m glad you both mentioned about the different types of activities. Some people have been asking about the price of hiring skis for cross country or down hill. If you’d like to have a few answers to that, see the PDF document here.


Next question. What do you think makes a perfect “ski day”?


KM: It’s hard to say what conditions will give the best trip, but a medium cold temperature and sunshine always helps making the trip nice.


RH: Good friends, bright sunshine, 5 degrees below zero, good tracks and a long trip.


Adam: Oh yes. I was in Lillehammer in January and it was cold! Like -13⁰C! Fortunately, we don’t expect it to be that cold! The average temperature in March is much more ideal and closer to what you said Richard! Now that’s something to look forward to!


Okay, quickly, the last question. Could you give a challenge to those reading?


KM: The most important challenge must be to enjoy to the max every ski trip you go on, so that you will be able to take many good memories back with you.


RH: To ski 20 km on flat land, pushing yourself along with your ski poles.


Adam: Thank you guys! There are your challenges! Will you be able to do them? Well, you definitely have the opportunity to do so this year at Easter Rally!

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To finish off, here’s the first episode of a special video series. My friends decided to challenge me with some ski challenges. Here’s how I got on!





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