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8 things you maybe didn’t know…

003 - 8 things that you didn't know english




The strangest thing has happened to the weather in the area that I live in (Mysen, Norway). Last week, there was an average of -13⁰C (it was probably colder), and now it’s 4⁰C! All the snow is melting away, which means no more ski practice for me!


But there is hope.


As the remnants of ice teasingly linger on the grass fields of Mysen, Google tells me that it is still possible to ski in… (can you guess where?) … Lillehammer!


That’s one of the reasons why, for Matteson’s Easter Rally, we didn’t invite you to Mysen. That would be terrible. But instead, we are inviting you to the ski capital of Norway; Lillehammer


Now the chances are that you know more about Lillehammer than I do, but here is the challenge. I’m going to give you some cool knowledge about Lillehammer, 8 facts to be precise, and you can test yourself to see how much you know. Can you say that you knew all 8 points?




Here we go!


  1. 1. Lillehammer is approximately a 2-hour train ride away from Oslo (and we shall be around a 20 minutes’ drive away from Lillehammer train station)
  2. 2. Lillehammer hosts the world’s longest ski race – a humongous distance of 120km (we won’t be going that far at Easter Rally though!)
  3. 3. Lillehammer was the host of the 1994 Winter Olympics
  4. 4. Lillehammer will be the host of the 2016 Youth Olympic Games – it’s like the Winter Olympics for youth
  5. 5. Lillehammer has 5 alpine ski/snowboard resorts, and (here’s the cool thing) you can use all of them with one lift pass! (You can read more about the ski resorts and their cost here)
  6. 6. Lillehammer has over 2000km of prepared cross-country ski track. That’s the same as skiing from Oslo to Italy! (I can’t share with you any costs here, because, as I understand it, it’s all free!)
  7. 7. Lillehammer is home to the Norwegian Seventh-day Adventist’s church very own health and rehabilitation centre, called Skogli.
  8. 8. Lillehammer has hosted the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup (you see, it’s a cool place even if you don’t like skiing!)


Great stuff, right? It looks like Lillehammer really is the place to be!


If you didn’t know any of those things, then you should come to Lillehammer (if you haven’t decided to do so already).


If you knew some of those things, then I guess you should also come along because you know how great it is!


And if you knew all of those things, well, even more reason to come to Lillehammer because you can teach people like me even more cool things about it!


Register here green

Hope to see you there!


Below is the second episode of my ski challenges. This one had my heart pacing! Anyway, I hope you like it!


God’s richest blessings,



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