training missionaries for life!

TESTIMONIES FOR SITE MAP – short and read-more:


The way of learning is different – we learn for life and not for a test, we learn for ourselves not for our teachers. RW




I didn’t know why but Jesus wanted me to come to Matteson. Day by day I learn more why: He teaches me so many things. I love the classes that we have. It is not important if it is church history, nutrition, biblical doctrines, true education, colportering or gardening. The way of learning is different – we learn for life and not for a test, we learn for ourselves not for our teachers. Practical work outside, cooking, cleaning, outreach, worships together and family meetings became very special to me. The variety of the program makes life colourful and helps me to understand one more part about Gods character. 



I saw that the bible can never get boring. PR




I discovered how mission work is to be a lifestyle, not only in theory, but in practice; I learned that every child of God is born into the kingdom of God as a missionary and I have decided to follow the call and give everything to God’s work and not only parts of my life. For the first time I heard about God’s plan of reaching people through outpost centers and was amazed about these plans that definitely will have an influence on my future planning.



Better to leave than never have been here. AB



ALENA BIER, student 2011/2012 (PICTURE)

Tonight was a strange evening, sitting there in the living room with the guitar, saying goodnight to you. It was so normal, expecting being there again the next morning. But not this time; I will not be there any more. But I will leave my heart at this place. It will be here always with you, with my beloved Matteson family.


Matteson impacted my life so deeply, I cannot describe, but God knows. And I will take Matteson with me and carry it in my heart. Remembering this place and this wonderful people, God knew why He should bring me to this place and I am thankful for it. It turned my world upside down, it was an “Impact Alena”. My life has a new meaning, wonderful! Now I need to leave, but better to leave than never have been here!




I praise God for Matteson Mission School because it produces long-term missionaries, not only people that know the Bible very well. AF


Being at Matteson Mission School is character building. AF


At Matteson I experienced a paradigm shift in my thinking of what life is all about. AF





Being at Matteson Mission School is character building. I have enjoyed learning a lot about things in the Bible, about how to heal persons with natural remedies and about agriculture.  Many of the things I have learned here are things that I would not have thought of before and I can say with complete assurance that being here has been a huge blessing for me.



I have experienced the depth of Adventism and its beauty and I thank God for this essential experience. CL


The food is delicious; especially when you know that you have picked, gathered, cooked and prepared it yourself. CL


The essence of my experience here at Matteson is getting to know self and God. CL


All in all it was the most important year of my life. It was this year that I was new born by the Spirit. I learned about forgiveness, love and grace. I thank God. CL





The True Education classes were an eye-opening experience VR




The health message at Matteson was for sure a big blessing. Getting up early in the morning drinking water and hydrotherapy, walking in the nature, and new eating habits, really helped me to have a clearer mind in order for God to communicate with us.