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may 2-4, 2014: spring inspiration weekend

– Where are you going?
– What is your path?
– What is the path outlined for you?
– What will give you the most joy and happiness?
– How can you use your time right? How can you spend your time wisely?
– How can you know where you should go?
– Wondering about what calling the Lord has for you? Come to “Quo Vadis”!

Early Bird reg. (and payment) until March 31:
Youth: kr 150,-
30+: kr 300,-

Regular reg. (and payment) until April 25, Friday the week before:
Youth: kr 250,-
30+: kr 400,-

On-site fee (for Norwegian residents paying during the weekend, and late registrants): regular fee +kr 100,-

Please use this account: 1020.21.03044 – Please mark the payment with your name
IBAN: NO02 1020 2103 044 , SWIFT/BIC: EIDSNO21
All registrants from outside Norway are kindly requested to use PayPal (credit card) as payment method (due to high bank transfer fees from abroad). If such is not possible, onsite payment without additonal fees will be accepted. Please send us a message if this pertains to you.

Registration closed
Read more about our early bird policy

To bring:

– Bible
– Sleeping bag, bed sheet
– Sleeping mat
– Nice clothes for the Sabbath
– Outdoor clothes for possible Outdoor activities
– (Instruments)


(Subject to slight changes)
16.00 registration opens (Mysen church)
17.30 supper
19.00 meeting ‘Quo Vadis’

08.00 worship
08.40 breakfast
09.50 Norwegian/English sabbath school
11.15 divine service “Uniqueness”
13.15 lunch
16.00 baptism
17.30 supper
19.00 meeting “Where there is no vision…”

08.00 worship
08.40 breakfast
10.00 meeting “To plan or not to plan…”
11.30 meeting “To plan or not to plan… II”
13.00 lunch

Registration closed
Every person (also children) has to be registered separately!
If you have further questions about the weekend, you can write an e-mail to or call Michael (+47 91345533)

Speaker: Jesse Zwiker
Date: May 2-4, 2014
Place: Matteson Mission School / Adventist Church Mysen
Jesse | trømborgveien 436 | 1850 mysen | norge | 69897389
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