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Mobile Mission

Our team spent 7 weeks visiting churches and helping out in church activities, as well as visiting Matteson friends and supporters.
We started out in the Hokksund, Kongsberg and Notodden area, continued on to Haugesund, Karmøy, Sandnes and Stavanger. The last place we visited was the northwest area, around Ålesund and Molde.
We were able to help the churches with sermons, music, children’s Sabbath school, 10 days of prayer and distributing Bible study invitations. We visited church members with the pastor, attended prayer meetings, Bible studies, youth group meetings and went on door-to-door outreach with the youth. We also got to teach classes at a church school and help out with the after-school program. In one area, we stayed at the pastor´s house. It was a blessing to be with that family and to see all the work they do.
We are thankful for all the experiences gained during this time. When meeting and visiting with so many people there is a lot to learn.
Rebekka and Jessica, Matteson Mobile Mission Team