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IW November

Welcome to an inspiring and challenging weekend at the Matteson Mission School!

Have you ever forgot who you were or where you were going?

As Christians, we can get spiritual amnesia, forgetting who we are and where we are going!

Come, let us boost our spiritual memory “lest we forget”!

Speaker: Robert Henricksen
Time: November 16-19, 2012
Place: Matteson Mission School / Adventist Church Mysen
Before the weekend(on the inernet): NOK 150 (<30 yrs) or NOK 300 (others)
During the weekend: NOK 250 (<30 yrs) or NOK 400 (other)

It pays off to pay before the weekend 😉

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To bring:

– Bible
– Sleeping bag, bed sheet
– Nice clothes for the Sabbath
– Outdoor clothes for evt. Outdooractivities
– (Instruments)


(Subject to slight changes)

16.00 Registration
17.30 Supper
19.00 First meeting: Lest we forget what?

07.30 Worship
08.30 Breakfast
10.00 Norwegian/English Sabbath school
11.15 Divine service: The Call of the Rabbi
13.15 Lunch
14.30 Walk
17.30 Supper
19.00 Third meeting: Where am I

07.30 worship
08.30 breakfast
10.00 Fourth meeting: The call of two Israels, part 1
11.00 break
11.30 Fifth meeting: The call of two Israels, part 2
13.00 lunch

Remember: Registration closes after the 11th of November! – Click here to Register

Every person (also children) has to be registered separately!

If you have further questions about the weekend, you can write an e-mail to