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October 2-4 Fall Inspiration Weekend 2020

Speakers: Jeremy and Diana Zwiker
Date: Ocotber 1-3, 2020

Our Speakers

Due to COVID you are invited to join us online with our very local speakers.

Jeremy and Diana Zwiker are a newlywed couple that are ministering together at Granheim and Matteson. Diana is a logotherapist, who loves to counsel and coach individuals to a more fulfilling and harmonious life. Jeremy has worked within different leadership roles for the last 9 years and loves to support organizations in their aims to serve God. By God’s grace they have found each other and are willing to tell their experience and share many great resources within building romantic relationships, getting to know one’s own, and caring for another person’s heart.





19.00 Opening meeting



11.45 Sabbath school

19.00 Evening meeting



10.00 Morning meeting

12.00 Final meeting


(Subject to slight changes)

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