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Five Questions.

001 - Five Questions


“With one question, you can find out a name. With two questions, maybe even their age, but with five questions, then you can really know something…”


It sounds like an old wise saying, doesn’t it? But really, we just made it up. However, it’s true. You can learn a lot by asking five questions.


Wait a minute…” you may be thinking, “…why am I reading about five questions?”


Well, we’ll give you a clear, short answer; “Easter Rally”.


You may not have heard, but “Easter Rally” is coming soon, and so to introduce this special event, here are five questions about Easter Rally, and, of course, the answers!


1. What is Easter Rally?

Held in a beautiful area of Norway, Easter Rally is a residential event that provides the opportunity for people to relax, rejuvenate and have some lovely recreation in the snowy regions of Lillehammer (Mesnali to be precise!) At this event, there is a blend of spiritual meetings, social and fellowship time, different activities, and (if you’re Norwegian, you can probably guess this) skiing! But we can tell you more about this another time…


2. Where did Easter Rally come from?

Some years back, Matteson Mission School ran this event. Some of you may remember it actually. There are many good memories from this event. Here is one:


“It was always nice to get away from a busy life and enjoy the good spiritual fellowship and, at the same time, be able to go skiing or snowboarding in  beautiful weather at Matteson Easter Rally. It can really be recommended!” – Jamie Telfer, Norway


3. When is it?

23rd to 28th March 2016. It’s also a special year to have such an event as it is the 30th year of Matteson Mission School’s existence. So, seeing as it is so special, we just want to share this time with you all!


4. What is the theme of the event?

Looking back in the past, we’re sure that many have seen God’s leading and help. We surely have! With so great a picture of God’s continual support in the past, do we have anything to be afraid of for the future? No! That’s why the theme of this event is: “Nothing to fear.”


5. Who is Easter Rally for?

Easter Rally is a family event, meaning that everyone is welcome!

Oh, and one more thing (as it is quite important…), registration is now open and early bird prices end on the 31st January 2016. So register soon!

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