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Plant a fruit tree

“And if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces,
I would still plant my apple tree.”

Martin Luther


Planting a tree

We know that Jesus is coming soon, but nevertheless, we are thinking long-term. In harmony with both Martin Luther and Ellen G. White we are planning to plant fruit trees in spring 2014.


There is a decently big lawn on the Opsand property beside the boys’ dorm. We plan to transform it into a fruit orchard. Thus we expand the gardening classroom, and in foreseeable future the trees will do their contribution to support the school. The plan is to plant trees of different sorts: plum, sweet cherry, pear and apple trees. We are looking forward to put this plan into practice and desire to share this joy with many.


“There should be fruit orchards and every kind of produce cultivated that is adapted to this soil, that this place may become an object lesson to those living close by and afar off.”

EGW: AUCR, 31. juli 1899 par. 15


You can join!


Sponsor a fruit tree: NOK 700,-

In spring 2014, the trees will be planted, and we will invite to a most pleasant planting initiative in which everybody can enjoy useful labour, fresh air, good food and fellowship. The project already started in autumn 2013, when holes were dug and partially filled during the Alumni Weekend.


You can choose which tree you want to plant/sponsor and you are welcome to visit to see how your tree has grown since the last time. When the time will have come, we will also invite to harvesting initiatives.


We have prepared space for 20 trees and we will plant as many as get sponsored. If you are interested in joining planting and/or sponsoring a tree read the information below.

For further info: call Jan, (+47) 405 346 27 or write to


Sponsership can take place by bank transfer or by credit card/PayPal (buttons provided below).
Bank account.: 1020.07.09654
IBAN: NO82 10200709654 – SWIFT: EIDSNO21XXX
Please earmark your transfer with „fruit tree – apple/pear/plum/cherry – your name“



The 20 trees will be the following:


Tree type Total Available Sponsor now:
Apple trees: 10 (0 left)
Pear trees: 5 (0 left)
Plum trees: 3 (0 left)
Sweet cherry trees: 2 (0 left)


— All trees have been sponsored! Thank you! Praise God! —
Planting date: April 30