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Spring Inspiration Weekend, 3rd – 5th May 2024






Early Bird registration and payment until April 1st 2024:

0-7 years: kr 0,-

Youth: kr 200,-
30+: kr 400,-


Regular reg. and payment until April 25th 2024:

0-7 years: kr 0,-

Youth: kr 300,-
30+: kr 600,-





The meetings will be held at the Trømborg Gymsal and the Meals will be at the Trømborg Menighetshus.


16:30 Registration Opens (Trømborg Menighetshus)
17:30 Supper (Trømborg Menighetshus)
19:00 Evening Meeting with Fredrik Kozma “Prophesy again” (Trømborg Gymsal)

also online at


07:30 Prayer for Revival (Trømborg Gymsal)
08:00 Worship (Trømborg Gymsal)
08:45 Breakfast (Trømborg Menighetshus)
09:45 Social Activity
10:30 Norwegian Sabbath School (Trømborg Gymsal) / English sabbath school (Trømborg Menighetshus)
11:45 Divine Service with Jonathan Karlsson “The First Angel’s Message – Judgment has begun” ( (Trømborg Gymsal)
13:30 Lunch
15:00 Walk / Outreach
17:30 Afternoon Meeting with Jonathan Karlsson “The Second Angel’s Message – Babylon is fallen” ( (Trømborg Gymsal)
19:00 Supper (Trømborg Menighetshus)

20:00 Social Time at Granheim

22:30 Quiet time


07:30 Prayer for Revival (Trømborg Gymsal)
08:00 Worship (Trømborg Gymsal)
08:30 Breakfast (Trømborg Menighetshus)
10:00 Social Activity
11:00 Morning Meeting with Fredrik Kozma “The Faith of Jesus” ( (Trømborg Gymsal)
12:30 Clean up
13:30 Lunch (at Granheim)


15:00 Granheim Årsmøte (everyone is invited to join)


(Subject to slight changes)


To bring:

  • Bible
  • Sleeping bag, bed sheet
  • Nice clothes for the Sabbath
  • Outdoor clothes for possible Outdoor activities
  • (Instruments)






On-site fee (for late payments): regular fee +kr 100,-


Please use this account (if transferring from a Norwegian bank account): 1020.21.03044 – Please mark the payment with your name


All registrants from outside Norway are kindly requested to use PayPal (credit card) as payment method (due to high bank transfer fees from abroad). If such is not possible, onsite payment or a EUR bank transfer without additional fees will be accepted. Please send us a message if this pertains to you.


Please read our event policies for detail in regards to early bird prices, payments and refunds.



Limited space in person! All welcome online on