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HEALTH – A medical missionary”


Diseases & Treatments
Features an overview of different lifestyle diseases prevalent in society today — their causes, treatments and prevention. Diseases covered include coronary artery disease, diabetes, circulatory disorders, arthritis, gastritis, cancer, and AIDS.


God’s Health Plan
This class surveys Heaven’s original health plan, how sin corrupted it, and how to get it ”back on track”. Included will be the differences between true and false remedies both from biblical revelation and science.


Lifestyle & Physiology
Through the physiology course the student will learn to appreciate and get a deeper knowledge about the function of his own body, from the cellular level, to organs and organ systems. The course will provide the student with essential knowledge that will help the student to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Features the positive health benefits from the oldest recorded diet in history, the vegetarian diet. The course also teaches the student how to make a balanced and well planned diet in order to get the most benefits from the diet and to avoid possible nutritional deficiences.


Massage and Anatomy
Obtain an insight into the structure of the body, and discover how muscles, sinews and bones are artfully knit together by the Creator. Learn the basic principles of massage and how to apply a variety of strokes to different muscle groups.


The use of water in any of its three forms; solid, liquid or vapor, internally or externally in the treatment of disease and to relieve pain, is as old as the practice of medicine.
Water wisely applied, is a most powerful remedy. Natural means, used in accordance with God’s will, bring about supernatural results.


Vegetarian Cooking
This practical course provides an opportunity to explore the combining of ingredients, foods and recipes, as well as vegetarian cooking for a larger group of people, and menu planning.


Mission Medicine, First Aid & CPR
Features theory on basic patient care. Learn more about vital body signs, cleanliness, emergency situations, medications vs. herbs, and infection control. Students will finally also receive a certificate in First Aid and CPR.


This class will give a basic knowledge of how to choose what herbs should be used in order to restore health. It also gives a fundamental understanding of the properties of certain phytochemicals and their action on the human body systems. This class also touches on how to prepare herbs and how to apply them.


Ministry of Healing
Study the life of the great Physician as He mingled among men. Learn His methods of soul-winning as recorded in that beautiful masterpiece by Ellen White, “The Ministry of Healing.” Through a textual study of this book learn to use the right arm of the gospel to reach all classes of people.