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In memory of our beloved…


Vivian’s Funeral                                                                                       February 20


The funeral was in Mysen Lutheran church, Wednesday February 20th. Despite the deep sadness of the day, it was a beautiful one with more than 300 people, who came to share their sorrow, thankfulness and hope. The funeral had a musical frame, beginning with the Advent Singers singing Jesus-centered songs, and ending with the IMPACT youth singing: “Light the Candle, Jesus is Coming!”. The Telfer-siblings sang, very movingly, the song “When We Get to Heaven” – including the words ” I know there is a place with no more crying, no more sorrow, no more pain, and no more dying…” Family and friends came from far and near, people from the local community, as well as friends from several thousand miles away. We want to thank you all for the loving support you have shown to the Telfer family and also to Vivian’s Matteson family.



We feel the loss                                                                                       February 10


The tragic news about the sudden death of Vivian Telfer came as a shock to us all, and we feel the loss. Her closest family are in our thoughts and prayers. They hurt badly, but find comfort in the source of Vivian’s vibrant joy and untiring service – Jesus Christ. The promise of the resurrection gives comfort and hope in times like these.


Vivian was a central figure at Matteson Mission School. She was not only a teacher, but like a mother in the school family. She radiated warm love, self-sacrificing care, and unwavering courage. She was social, inclusive and adventurous. The riches of the world had no drawing power to her – her life was devoted to the Lord’s service. Family, youth, mission-work, song and music – this marked Vivian’s life.


In keeping with Vivian’s love for and dedication to Matteson Mission School, the Telfer family has kindly requested that our expressions of love and sympathy be made in the form of donations to the school.


The family is also very grateful for the financial help that people have been so graciously providing to help defray the costs related to the funeral.


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Dear Matteson family,                                                                       February 2, 2013


It is with heavy heart that we write this letter. We have received a message of great sorrow that we feel the need to share with you who have been a part of the Matteson family during the last years and have gotten to know Vivian as a teacher and friend. We have all appreciated what she has given to each one of us and to the school.


The last weeks since New Year Vivian spent in New Zealand with her family, as she and all her children had the opportunity to meet there and spend time together. Now the sad news has reached us that Vivian died this Sabbath.


After the Sabbath program in church she, along with her family and church members, spent the afternoon at the beach. Vivian was caught by the waves and when found and brought back to shore there was no way to help her back to life.


This has come as a shock to us all. We are currently in Honduras joining the majority of the current Matteson students for part of their mission internship. The school family has spent the evening together on “Mount Music” just above the VIDA campus, praying, singing, crying and sharing memories of precious moments with Vivian.


Experiencing this pain of losing a friend, teacher and coworker, our hearts go out to her closest family, who are the ones suffering even more, needing our prayers and support. Please remember them in your prayers.


In a time like this, having the hope of the resurrection gives comfort and makes us long for Jesus ́ return even more. May we all remain faithful so we can meet then.


In the Blessed Hope,

Jeremy and Linndis


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