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Fall inspiration Weekend 2019 – Oct. 11-13




Speaker: Jennifer Jill Schwirzer
Date: Oct 11-13, 2019
Place: Matteson Mission School / Adventist Church, Mysen


Theme: Healing Hearts


If you count it from the point where Adam and Eve had already acquired a sinful nature, the first sin was creating fig leaves. In other words, self-justification. “No problem God! We can get ourselves out of this without you!” is our mindset. But the more we try to save ourselves, the more we add layers to our sin problem. How much better to accept the remedy God provided–the covering of His Robe. From the point of depending upon Him, we can use our will in harmony with His and learn joy, peace, gratitude, and worship.


Early Bird registration and payment until September 22nd:

0-7 years: kr 0,-

Youth: kr 150,-
30+: kr 300,-


Regular reg. (and payment) until October 3rd:

0-7 years: kr 0,-

Youth: kr 250,-
30+: kr 400,-



16.00 registration opens (Mysen church)
17.30 supper
19.00 meeting


08.00 worship
08.30 breakfast
10.00 Norwegian/English sabbath school
11.15 divine service
13.15 lunch
16.00 walk
17.30 supper
19.00 meeting


08.00 worship
08.30 breakfast
10.00 meeting
12.00 meeting
14.00 lunch

(Subject to slight changes)


To bring:

  • Bible
  • Sleeping bag, bed sheet
  • Nice clothes for the Sabbath
  • Outdoor clothes for possible Outdoor activities
  • (Instruments)



On-site fee (for late payments): regular fee +kr 100,-


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All registrants from outside Norway are kindly requested to use PayPal (credit card) as payment method (due to high bank transfer fees from abroad). If such is not possible, onsite payment or a EUR bank transfer without additional fees will be accepted. Please send us a message if this pertains to you.


Please read our event policies for detail in regards to early bird prices, payments and refunds.