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Event Policies

The following words detail some important information in regards to events organised by Matteson Mission School:


Early Bird Policy for Inspiration Weekends

Matteson Mission School has a long history of organizing events such Inspiration Weekends. We are happy to be able to share some of our highly appreciated guest teachers with a large audience by inviting them to our special weekends, where they can hear solid, inspirational messages several times per year.


Organizing events is a part of the Matteson training program. Each year we have a new group of students, and thus a new team in charge of these weekends. Through both planning and execution, the students are learning the art of event-organizing.


In order for this to be a constructive and inspiring experience for them, as well as being able to offer well organized events in spite of our limited facilities, we need to know well ahead of time how many will attend.


Hoping to inspire participants to sign up early, we have decided to present the offer of an “early bird discount”. After the “early bird” registration cut-off date, a higher fee will be charged (youth up to age 30: NOK 300.- / age 30+: 500.-)*. This price will continue until the close of the registration, i.e. a week before the event starts.


Payments should preferably be made before the event by bank transfer, but it is possible to use PayPal if bank transfer does not work for you.


On-site payment, though possible, is inconvenient and more expensive:
youth up to age 30: NOK 400.- / age 30+: 600.-


Please note that it is not enough to register early, you must also pay within the deadline. On-site payments will cost NOK 400,- / 600,- regardless of when you registered.


We hope you can identify with these organizational developments and will take advantage of our
“early bird” offer.


*Prices subject to differ. Actual prices on event page


Refund Policy

We  count the reception of an event fee as a confirmation of attendance, and thus will accordingly prepare to receive the attendee. If the registered attendee decides to cancel their registration before the registration deadline, then we will provide a full refund of the fee paid. However, if the registered attendee decides to cancel their registration after the registration deadline, we cannot provide a refund of the fee paid unless the reason for cancellation is in relation to a sickness or death. Matteson Mission School reserves the right to determine whether a refund will be given or not.


Media consent

I understand and accept that meetings are filmed and pictures taken during the weekend which may also be used in different ways.