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ASI Scandinavia Convention

ASI Scandinavia

Since the beginning of January 2013 the planning committee of the IMPACT Scandinavia Conference 2012 have been in dialogue with all the parties that together made the last conference a reality, in search for the best possible way to continue with a yearly conference.

After much thought and prayer and looking into a variety of options, we have decided that we together with the ministries that helped last year, would like to work towards an “official” joint ownership of the conference through the structure of ASI Scandinavia. We see this as a positive step for all the involved parties to come into an even closer working relationship with each other and the Church. We have realized that the success of the last conference was accomplished by such a joint effort of lay people, ministries, and the Church working together. We believe this move will make us more effective in organizing a yearly conference in Scandinavia focusing on inspiring and equipping youth and laymen.

The idea is that the conference will change name to “ASI Convention” but that the spirit and vision will remain the same. ASI Scandinavia will be the responsible organizer of the conference, with the ASI Board having the overall responsibility, but the planning committee of the convention will basically remain the same. The convention will be done in cooperation with the Seventh-day Adventist Church – its Youth Department and Evangelism Department.

We are glad to see how God has been leading us in all this process and want to solicit your prayers for the last pieces to fall in place in accordance with His will in this important organizational step as well as for the rest of the planning for the next convention.


The New Year´s Rally – brief history

Coming together around New Year, focusing on studying the Word of God was one of the building blocks in the development of Matteson Mission School. The New Year´s Rally in Sandnes, Norway in 1988 was the first of what was going to become an unbroken chain of annual New Year´s events. The rally normally took place every other year in Norway and in another Scandinavian country, and for many years more than 100 people joined for a week of studies, fellowship and testimonies. Many people have called this the highlight of the year and cannot think of any better way to celebrate New Year´s Eve. From 2009 to 2011 the rally was organized in cooperation with eYe in Denmark and in 2012 the New Year Event got a serious boost, as a result of the cooperation that made IMPACT Scandinavia possible.