training missionaries for life!


Having a program available like the Matteson Mission School is considered a privilege by many. The youth themselves, our local church and individuals all over the country realize this and express their gratitude in both words and cash.


If you would like to join in supporting this work, you are invited to give a donation to the Granheim Foundation, which provides the financial basis for the operation of the Matteson Mission School.

You can give a gift whenever you want! Or maybe you would like to be a monthly partner who gives a certain amount each month.
Thank you for your support!



1) International Donations


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2) Bank transfer


Norwegian donation


International gifts
IBAN: NO82 10200709654 – SWIFT: EIDSNO21XXX

Bank address
Eidsberg sparebank, Storgaten 2, 1850 Mysen, NORWAY

Recipient address
Granheimstiftelsen, Postboks 243, 1851 Mysen, NORWAY



3) Monthly bank transfer with AvtaleGiro


If you have a Norwegian bank account you may sign up below give monthly with AvtaleGiro.



4) Memory gifts

In connection with deaths and funerals sometimes families and relatives would like memory gifts to go to the Granheim Foundation. Relatives wish to express that such gifts are as dear as flowers. Thus the reputation of the deceased may be concretised and the cause still be developed.



5) Testamentary gifts

Some donors have wanted to favor the work of the Granheim Foundation in their will. All situations are different, also in terms of thoughts and feelings related to this. Granheim Foundation may under certain assumptions assist with legal help for designing a will. Please contact us if you want to talk about those opportunities.



Statement on tithe

The Granheim Foundation does not accept tithe. We believe that the tithe should be returned to the “storehouse” (Malachi 3,10) and we therefore encourage all to send their tithe to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Account number for NORUC: 3000.30.33100.)